Joan Lamphier, Principal

Above: Bald Eagle by Daniel Dietrich

Ms. Joan Lamphier, Principal of JML Planning is a highly qualified planner with over 40 years of professional experience, specializing in the preparation of environmental and planning documents throughout the Bay Area. Joan specializes in the environmental review and permitting of major infrastructure projects including transmission lines, energy facilities, dams and large scale industrial uses. She has directed more than 250 projects for Northern California jurisdictions.

Her experience includes extensive interaction with state and federal environmental regulatory agencies on behalf of both municipal and private sector clients. She frequently serves as a contract planner for local planning departments in reviewing major projects.

Cities hire Joan when they have a critical project that they need expedited with challenging deadlines. Over the years her clients have learned that Joan’s skills are essential to ensure that a project proceeds through the lead agency environmental review and planning process, with professionalism and integrity, while also meeting the project team’s goals.

The public review process is challenging and demanding.  It requires and understanding of the technical issues related to major projects and how to resolve complex and often competing goals in the public review arena. For certain projects conflict resolution can be a key element in the decision making process. Joan works closely with clients to find solutions that work.

Joan prides herself on maintaining long term relationships with clients, primarily local government agencies. These long-term relationships are a testimony to the quality of our work, and also enhance our ability to serve the client agency and represent its interests most effectively. In many instances, our accumulated knowledge of a community and its regulatory environment has been useful in expediting review of development proposals, highlighting key issues, resolving conflicts, and developing workable solutions.