Mt Diablo Resource Recovery Park

Pittsburg, California

The project consists of an application to expand the capacity of the existing Mt Diablo Recycling and Transfer and Processing Facility and to add a new Biomass Gasification Unit on a 36-acre site. The original application was filed in 2011 however the project description changed many times over a four-year period. The challenge was to focus the EIR analysis on a clear project description to be able to complete the environmental review and entitlement process.

Ms. Lamphier assisted the City of Pittsburg in managing the environment review process, preparing staff reports and associated Resolutions for the Planning Commission. The process also involved coordination with Pittsburg Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) which issues and monitors the Solid Waste Facility Permit for this site.

Columbia Solar Energy Project

Pittsburg, California

This project consists of a request for approvals necessary to develop a 115-acre project site for a 20 megawatt (MW) ground mounted solar voltaic electric generating plant. Required entitlements included a Zoning Ordinance Amendment, Resign Review, Approval of a Development Agreement, a Parcel Map Waiver and associated easements. The project site is located adjacent to, and south of, the existing UPI steel mill. This area was used for decades as a landfill for mill waste from the steel mill. Though remediated to the satisfaction of the responsible state agencies, the parcel underlying the project site is subject to a restrictive covenant that limits the types of land uses on the parcel.

Ms. Lamphier acted as a Project Planner for the City of Pittsburg, managed the environmental review process, coordinated with responsible agencies including Department of Fish and Game, and the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy.

Stoneman Apartments

Pittsburg, California

This is a request for Pittsburg Planning Commission approval of architectural plans to redevelop a surplus, 10.49-acre property with a 230-unit apartment complex. The complex would consist of a combination of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in 12 buildings, with associated amenities. The property was previously occupied by Central Junior High School, and construction of the proposed apartment complex would require demolition of several of the existing, now vacant school campus buildings, including administrative offices, classroom buildings, a mechanic shop, parking lots and athletic courts. Off-site improvements would include installation of new water transmission infrastructure, within the Loveridge Road right-of-way, to serve the new apartment complex. The property is an infill site, located in a predominantly residential neighborhood, with mixed single-family and multi-family dwellings.

Ms. Lamphier acted as Project Planner for this application, preparing an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration, coordination with City of Pittsburg staff including Public Works, and preparing staff reports and related resolutions for project approval.

K2 Pure Project

Pittsburg, California

The existing K2 Pure Solutions Manufacturing Facility Use Permit and Design Review was approved by the Planning Commission on October 27, 2009. The K2 Pure facility consists two manufacturing plants which operate within a complex of buildings and related industrial processing units located on 12.96 acres within the existing Dow property boundary. The original approval permitted a capacity of 400 ECU tons per day. An ECU is a ratio defined as 1.1 pounds of sodium hydroxide produced for every 1 pound of chlorine that is produced. The plant was constructed to a capacity of 300 ECUs per day. The current application is intended to install equipment that would allow the facility to ramp up to the originally permitted capacity of 400 ECU tons per day.

Ms. Lamphier acting in the capacity of Project Planner, reviewing the current application in the context of the existing Use Permit and related environmental review. This included preparing of staff reports for the Planning Commission and related material.

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